Shadra Smith

Shadra Smith
Associate Dean, Center for Diversity & Inclusion
The College of Wooster

Shadra Smith joined Wooster as an Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs, within the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. She most recently has been promoted to the new position of Associate Dean of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. Originally from Fort Wayne, IN, Shadra has resided in Pennsylvania and Chicago, IL, has professional experiences in residence life, student activities/leadership, greek life, academic support and her passion, diversity & inclusion.

Her work as Associate Dean for the Center of Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) includes managing the center and supporting the directors of the various branches, partnering with departments across campus and organizations beyond the Wooster community, aligning the CDI mission with the institutional diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan and advocating for students to celebrate their diverse individuality, while learning about their fellow Scots through co-curricular engagement opportunities, self-reflection and group dialogue.

Dean Smith resides in Wooster with her cooler-than-the-other-side-of-the-pillow 5-year old son, her pony-tail wearing shih tzu Miko, and snuggly 15 lb cat Zeus. She enjoy watching great TV, discover local activities and in-depth coffee conversations.