What We Do

OHDC Programs & Services

• Leadership: Develop executive mentoring program/Leadership development
• Best Practices: Publish high level best practices/model programs; Speaker’s Bureau and Diversity Tool Kit
• Workforce: Recruitment, development, retention, diversity champions
• Community Links: Diverse market outreach, community education and community public relations
• Newsletter/List Service

OHDC Annual Events

Women’s Conference

These annual conferences focus on professional development, community, networking, entrepreneurship and women’s health. They give women a tremendous opportunity for growth, development, and making connection. In addition, the conference lends itself to be a dialogue for Women in different professions within each of the participating states.

Healthcare Summit

This event allows participants to engage in dialog and action with the healthcare community on diversity & leadership best practices using the council as the primary medium. Dynamic leaders in this industry address all issues pertaining to diversity in healthcare that have impact on individuals, organizations, and the community.

Young Women’s Leadership Symposium

This half-day event is designed to promote the development of future business leaders by giving young women access to mentors and businesses that support their goals. The Symposium focuses on leadership, college and career planning, diversity and advocacy for girls.

Multicultural Summit

This event is a celebration of different cultural segments in leadership. It gives attendees an opportunity to learn leading diversity practices and to develop their own diversity knowledge related to the rich cultures within their community.

Multicultural Roundtable

This half-day event brings together four to five leaders of color who hold executive positions in their organizations. Each leader will have their own table and speaks with a group of professionals who want to learn more about their experiences as individuals of color in the workplace. By rotating the leaders to other tables during the event, attend¬ees have the opportunity to learn about some of the obstacles diverse individuals encounter in the workplace.

Diversity and Leadership Conference

In addition to celebrating the wide array of differences that comprise our communities, this annual conference uses local dialogue to help educate people about the value of diversity and inclusion. Participants gain additional knowledge about diverse workplace communities by attending dynamic workshops and lectures.