Alieu Nyassi

Alieu Nyassi
Alieu Nyassi
Director, Center for Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity
Dayton Children’s Hospital

Alieu B Nyassi, Director of Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity at Dayton Children’s. In this role, Nyassi supports Dayton Children’s strategic efforts to recruit, develop, promote and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. Provide intentional and focused cultural competence education to address to reduce and eliminate socio-economic, racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare. He also fosters community collaborations, continue to engage relationships and partnerships that support and build capacity in the communities served.

Prior to joining Monmouth Medical Center, Nyassi worked to develop programs that further supported Monmouth Medical Center’s mission of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency. He will also serve as a liaison to the community by helping to identify potential disparities in care and better define the social determinants of health for different populations served by the hospital.

With several years of work as a diversity and inclusion practitioner in the healthcare industry, he served as Program Director for Cultural Competency, Inclusion and Community Health at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). In this role, he led efforts to ensure consistency, collaboration and advancement of diversity initiatives throughout all 20 UPMC’s hospitals.

Nyassi began his career in The Gambia as a youth development professional and has extensive international development work and travel experience in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. With a passion for community service and serving the underserved, Nyassi co-founded Kafo International Corp and Friends of Penyem, initiatives dedicated to help young people, especially girls in The Gambia, to acquire a high school/vocational education and to help local communities access clean water and basic health care needs.

Nyassi received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Development from Oakland University and a Masters in Science in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change from Northern Kentucky University.